Therapy services

Reboundrehab Grow offers specialised therapy services to ensure people living with a disability have access to their community, whatever this looks like.

A child on roller blades with a blue helmet pushes his father in a wheelchair as they enjoy the outdoors together

Occupational therapy treatments

Reboundrehab Grow’s occupational therapy treatment focuses on your goals, helping you to become more independent and live a fulfilled life. We work to identify and challenge any barriers that stop you from doing the things you want to.

We provide specialised services to support all aspects of daily life. Our therapies assist with daily living, navigating transport outside the home, and social and community participation. Occupational Therapists provide ongoing assessment of your abilities and barriers and then offer advice, techniques and technologies for making everyday life safer and easier.

Assistive technology assessment

Our assistive technology assessments connect you with technology that can improve your independence and daily life.

Reboundrehab Grow’s experienced occupational therapists and physiotherapists can prescribe special needs devices or technology to assist you to reach your goals, whether they be in the home, the workplace or the wider community.

A man using a wheelchair modified for the beach enjoys the sunset with his family
A man with a disability is assessed to determine his mobility equipment requirements

Mobility equipment assessment

Reboundrehab Grow assists to arrange access to mobility equipment that can help you to pursue your goals, such as wheelchairs.

Our equipment assessments provide information on the kind of support you require and possible modifications that can be made to your home or workplace. This equipment ensures you are safe and fulfilled in life and in work.