Finding and maintaining employment (Vocational Services)

Reboundrehab Grow works with participants, their providers and their employers to ensure that goals are aligned and support is properly provided to people living with a disability.

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Vocational assessment

We complete vocational assessments to assist you in discovering a range of future employment options and opportunities.

These assessments analyse your experience, capabilities and qualifications. Alongside your dedicated consultant, you can make informed decisions about opportunities that might be available and the type of career that you want to pursue.

Transferrable skills assessment

Unsure about returning to your previous place of employment, or feeling like you may be unable to complete the same tasks as before?

Reboundrehab Grow assists people living with a disability to discover the many skills they possess that can be invaluable in a workplace. We help to uncover capabilities you didn’t know you had through our in-depth assessment and then learn how these can be used to pursue your goals and your future career. We give you the confidence to pursue work options.

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Assistance with locating employment

Finding employment can be difficult at the best of times, but Reboundrehab Grow’s knowledgeable team can help you find a job to suit your needs.

We support people living with a disability to find and maintain meaningful employment through developing an understanding of their capacity levels and the support they may need to make a workplace work for them. Our qualified and experienced team help to explore potential work options.